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Today is the annual Tree Planting Day. Let's work together to create a beautiful green environment.



The Origin of Festivals


Arbor planting Festival is a festival that publicizes and protects trees in accordance with the law, and organizes and mobilizes the masses to take an active part in afforestation activities. According to the length of time, it can be divided into tree planting day, tree planting week and tree planting month, which is called International Tree Planting Day. It is advocated to stimulate people's enthusiasm for afforestation and realize the importance of environmental protection through such activities.

中国的植树节由凌道扬 韩安裴义理 等林学家于 1915年倡议设立,最初将时间确定在每年清明节 1928年,国民政府为纪念孙中山逝世三周年将植树节改为3月12日。新中国成立后的1979年,在 邓小平提议下,第五届全国人大常委会第六次 会议决定每年 3月12日为我国的植树节。这一设定被中国大陆和中国台湾沿用至今。此外,一些省市还根据当地的气候规律,规定了其它的植树日、植树周、植树月。  

China's Arbor Festival was initiated by Ling Daoyang, Han An, Pei Yili and other foresters in 1915, initially setting the time for the annual Qingming Festival. In 1928, the National Government changed the Arbor Day to March 12 to commemorate the third anniversary of Sun Yat-sen's death. In 1979, after the founding of New China, on the proposal of Deng Xiaoping, the sixth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fifth National People's Congress decided that March 12 would be the Arbor Day of our country every year. This setting has been used in mainland China and Taiwan. In addition, some provinces and municipalities also stipulate other tree planting days, tree planting weeks and tree planting months according to local climate laws.



Festival results


Over the years since the implementation of the national voluntary tree planting activities, the people of all parts of the country have earnestly fulfilled their obligations to plant trees. By 2008, 10.4 billion people had participated in voluntary tree planting in mainland China, with a cumulative total of 49.2 billion trees.

全民义务植树运动有力推动了中国生态状况的改善。在 1981年,中国森林面积为17.29亿亩,活立木蓄积量为102.6亿立方米,森林覆盖率为12%。到2008年,中国森林面积达到26.2亿亩,活立木蓄积量达到 136.18亿立方米,森林覆盖率提高到18.21%,城市建城区人均公共绿地提高到6.52平方米,全国自然保护区总面积超过1亿公顷。此外,中国加紧了“三北”和长江中下游地区重点防护林建设、退耕还林还草、野生动植物保护及自然保护区建设、天然林保护等六大林业重点工程的实施。在世界森林资源日益减少的情况下,中国实现森林资源的持续增长。森林植被状况的改善,不仅美化了家园,减轻了水土流失和风沙对农田的危害,而且还有效提高了森林生态系统的储碳能力。

The national voluntary tree planting campaign has strongly promoted the improvement of China's ecological situation. In 1981, China's forest area was 1.729 billion mu, with a standing stock of 10.26 billion cubic meters and a forest coverage rate of 12%. By 2008, China's forest area had reached 2.62 billion mu, the stock of living trees had reached 13.618 billion cubic meters, the forest coverage rate had increased to 18.21%, the per capita public green space in urban areas had increased to 652 square meters, and the total area of national nature reserves had exceeded 100 million hectares. In addition, China has stepped up the implementation of six key forestry projects in the areas of "Three North" and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, including the construction of key shelter forests, the conversion of farmland to forests and grasslands, the protection of wildlife and plants, the construction of nature reserves and the protection of natural forests. With the decrease of forest resources in the world, China has realized the sustained growth of forest resources. The improvement of forest vegetation not only beautifies the home, reduces the harm of soil erosion and sand to farmland, but also effectively improves the carbon storage capacity of forest ecosystem.







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