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There are many laws about success. The famous ones are lotus law, bamboo law and golden cicada law. Whether lotus law, bamboo law or golden cicada law, they all have common meanings:


Success requires accumulation and development



To endure suffering, to endure loneliness



Persistence, perseverance and perseverance



Until the last moment of success




Lotus law



The lotus in a pond will open twice as many as it did the day before. On the 30th day, the lotus blooms all over the pond. Excuse me: On what day did the lotus blossom in the pond in half? Fifteenth days? Wrong! It's the 29th day. This is the Lotus Law.


The first day is only a small part of the opening. The next day, they will open at twice the speed of the previous day. By the 29th day, the lotus was only half full, and not until the last day. That is to say, the last day is the fastest, equal to the sum of the first 29 days. This is the famous lotus law.


There is a profound truth in this: success requires accumulation and precipitation. And through this law to associate life, you will happen, many people's life is like the lotus in the pond, at the beginning, hard to open, play with life.


But gradually, people begin to feel bored or even bored. You may give up persistence on the ninth, nineteenth or even twenty-ninth day.


At this time, the time to give up, often only one step away from success. In many cases, or even most of the time, perseverance is the key to success.


It is said that people may encounter about seven opportunities in their lifetime, which are opportunities to change their lives, and such opportunities are often met with the investment and perseverance of day after day in the early stage. So, if you have a dream, you have to start first, and then go on with it steadfastly.




Bamboo law



It took four years for bamboo to grow by only three centimeters. Starting from the fifth year, it has grown madly at the rate of 30 cm per day, and in only six weeks, it has grown to 15 meters. In fact, in the previous four years, bamboo extended its roots hundreds of square meters in the soil.


The same is true of being human and doing things. Don't worry that your efforts at this moment will not be rewarded, because they are all for rooting. Life needs reserve. How many people can't survive those three centimeters?


What is value? Two bamboos, one made a flute and the other made a clothes-drying pole. Air the clothes pole dissatisfied asked the flute: We are all the same piece of bamboo on the mountain, why I am sunny and rainy every day, not worth a penny. And you're worth a thousand dollars? The flute answered, "Because you only got a knife, but I went through a thousand knives, carved and carefully made, and the clothes drying bar was silent at this time."


The same is true of life. Life is valuable only when it can stand grinding, loneliness, responsibility and mission. Don't be jealous when you see others'brilliance, because others pay more than you.


Qian Mu, a master of traditional Chinese culture, said, "Great achievers from ancient times to modern times have no other knack, they are all capable people willing to make foolish efforts." Hu Shi also said, "There are too many smart people in the world and too few people willing to do stupid work, so the winners are only a few people."


Speaking of Qian Zhongshu's full stomach Jinglun, people often owe it to his high talent and strong memory. In fact, Qian Zhongshu's knowledge is extensive and profound, more from the hard work of the acquired hand.


Xu Zhende, a classmate of Qian Zhongshu University, described it as follows: in school, he read Chinese classics in a week, read European and American classics in a week, and interacted with each other for four years as one day. Every time you go to the library to borrow or return books, you will have five or six huge books in your arms and run at a gallop. And after reading a book, you must make notes...


Guan Bian, which represents his academic achievements, quotes tens of thousands of documents from thousands of works by more than 4000 famous writers. Wang Yang is unconstrained and extensive.


Some people may not know that after entering Tsinghua, his goal is to "sweep the Tsinghua Library". His academic experience is: "The smarter the man, the more he knows how to do dumb work."


"One heart in one skill, one skill in one job, one job in one job, one job in one job". Growth is not accomplished overnight. What kind of life is open to hang? It's just the accumulation of thin hair. This is called the bamboo law!




Golden cicada law



Cicadas, first of all, live in the dark underground for three years (there is an American cicada, to live underground for 17 years), endure all kinds of loneliness and loneliness, rely on the sap of tree roots to grow up bit by bit, and then one summer evening, quietly climb to the branches, overnight transformed into knowledge. Then look forward to the moment the sun rises, it can fly to the sky, towards freedom. This is called the golden cicada law.


Many people's life is like a lotus in a pond, which blossoms vigorously at first, but they always feel that they are not blooming enough, so they gradually get tired and choose to give up on the 10th, 20th and even 29th day.


Many people struggle like growing bamboo. At first, they are vigorous, but because most of the previous stages are in the foundation, so the results are not so obvious. In the first, third and even fourth year, they choose to give up. Not to mention the calmness and perseverance of cicadas.


The closer you get to success, the more difficult it is, the more you need to persevere. Whether it is entrepreneurship or life, what we lack is not ability, skill and mode, what we need is perseverance and perseverance. Only by persisting in quantitative change can we finally complete qualitative change, break through the critical point of success and achieve final success.


Ma Yun once said, "Today is very cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but most people die tomorrow night, can not see the sun the day after tomorrow". Most people give up just one step away from success.


There is an old saying in China, "Walk a hundred and a half miles". That is to say, walk a hundred miles, walk a ninety mile before you walk half, because many people insist on going to ninety miles and give up.






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