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In March of Yangchun, new hotels are born with cherry blossoms, full of spring freshness and romance. Among these new hotels with different styles, there must be one that suits your taste. Now follow Xiaobian to see what new hotels opened in March.



Wenhua Oriental Hotel Wangfujing, Beijing


3月18日,北京王府井文华东方酒店正式开幕。酒店位于王府井商业街的综合商业体——王府中環的顶部两层。作为国内第 8 家文华东方,王府井文华东方酒店的“可以俯瞰紫禁城”成为酒店的有力卖点,酒店定位是高端精品酒店,主打“小而美”。它的设计由 Kohn Pedersen Fox 建筑事务所(KPF)操刀,融合了中国古典美学和现代设计,打造私密型的庭院体验。

On March 18, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Wangfujing, Beijing was officially opened. The hotel is located on the top two floors of Wangfujing Commercial Street, the complex of Wangfujing Commercial Street. As the eighth Mandarin Oriental hotel in China, Wangfujing Mandarin Oriental Hotel has become a powerful selling point of the hotel. The hotel is positioned as a high-end boutique hotel with the main role of "small and beautiful". Its design is operated by Kohn Pedersen Fox Architecture Firm (KPF), which integrates Chinese classical aesthetics and modern design to create a private courtyard experience.



Up to now, this is the smallest number of rooms in Asia, Mandarin Oriental, only 73 rooms, perfect hiding in the "Wangfu Central" upper two floors. Room area 55 square meters take off, in the hinterland of the emperor's capital, can be said to be quite rich. In some rooms, lying on Kingsize's big bed, you can get a full view of the magnificent Forbidden City.


酒店配备众多奢华、高科技的客房用品,包括:Diptyque洗浴用品、Dyson超声波吹风机、Bose音箱、Samsung 55寸电视、Nespresso咖啡机、Begg & Co定制的苏格兰羊绒毯装饰、Ploh鹅绒寝具、厚绒浴袍和丝绒睡衣等。而大型套房则非常适合举办友人聚会、商务会面、傍晚鸡尾酒派对、时装系列预览、高管头脑风暴会议等。

The hotel is equipped with many luxurious and high-tech room supplies, including Diptyque bath products, Dyson ultrasonic hair dryer, Bose speaker, Samsung 55-inch TV, Nespresso coffee machine, Begg & Co custom Scottish cashmere blanket decoration, Ploh velvet bedding, Plush bathrobe and velvet pajamas. Large suites are ideal for friends gatherings, business meetings, Evening Cocktail parties, fashion series previews, executive brainstorming meetings, etc.


酒店除了配备作为休息空间的图书馆、一间设施先进的24小时健身中心和一座25米长的自然光室内泳池,还有两间特色餐厅和一间屋顶酒吧,皆可通往开阔的屋顶花园露台。紫膳主打亚洲特色美食,文华扒房+酒吧专注提供经典扒房菜式,MO Bar奉上创意鸡尾酒和国际知名DJ表演。水疗中心提供文华东方屡获殊荣的经典水疗项目,共四间水疗室,设有全中国唯一的可倒立、微波缓和脊髓的石英砂疗床。

Apart from a library as a rest space, a 24-hour fitness center with advanced facilities and a 25-metre natural light indoor swimming pool, the hotel also has two characteristic restaurants and a roof bar, all accessible to the open roof garden terrace. Purple caterers specialize in Asian cuisine. Mandarin Steakhouse + Bar specializes in classic Steakhouse dishes. MO Bar presents creative cocktails and internationally renowned DJ performances. The Spa Center provides four classic spa rooms with the unique quartz sand treatment bed for inverted and microwave spinal cord alleviation in China.



Shanghai Excellent Pullman Hotel


近日,上海卓越铂尔曼大酒店开业。酒店坐落于上海青浦工业园区, 距浦东国际机场约70分钟车程、距虹桥国际机场约30分钟车程、步行可直达地铁17号线。

Recently, Shanghai Excellent Pullman Hotel opened. Located in Qingpu Industrial Park, Shanghai, the hotel is about 70 minutes'drive from Pudong International Airport, 30 minutes' drive from Hongqiao International Airport and directly accessible to Metro Line 17 on foot.



The hotel has 292 modern design rooms, including 16 suites, 9 children's family rooms and 1 presidential suite. Modern fashion design style, high-end comfortable living supplies configuration, clean and neat light and shadow levels, create luxury and comfortable accommodation experience for passengers. Consistent with the high-end atmospheric tone of the guest room, the guest room is designed without the main lamp. Several anti-glare spotlights accurately turn on the bedside, sofa and desk lamp, etc., and provide indirect lighting in combination with the ceiling dark trough, creating a rich sense of spatial hierarchy.



There are three creative restaurants and lobbies in the hotel. With the elaborate dining environment and special cuisine, it perfectly presents the essence of food materials and provides a gourmet feast for guests.





The hotel is equipped with 800 square meters of pillarless banquet hall and many independent multi-functional conference halls. In addition, the fitness center and constant temperature swimming pool are equipped in the hotel, which is different from the common lighting design concept in other hotel swimming pools. The lighting designer upholds the design concept of "subtraction", cancels the key functional lighting fixtures, and only keeps the linear light consistent with the spatial lines, which not only ensures the illumination demand, but also avoids the influence of glare. Let guests in the handling of official business, play local, fitness exercise, feel the neighborhood culture and interaction with relatives and friends in a variety of living conditions.



Shanghai Zhangjiang Haike Yale Xuan Hotel



March 26, Marriott International Group announced the grand opening of Shanghai Zhangjiang Haike Yale Xuan Hotel. With 191 rooms, the first Yale Xuan brand hotel in Shanghai will bring new staying experience to Shanghai passengers with fashion innovation, vitality and charm. Located in the core of Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, adjacent to many innovative and technological enterprises, the hotel is the first and only international hotel in the region.


酒店因其开放的社交空间,时尚品牌、音乐、科技和设计的完美融合,深受全球千禧一代旅客所青睐。酒店设有191间兼具科技潮流与设计美学的“乐窝”客房,富有高空间感,提供可用手机开启房门的无钥匙入住系统,步入式淋浴房、定制的Bliss® Spa水疗沐浴产品以及免费高速Wi-Fi无线网络及43寸液晶电视。

Because of its open social space, perfect integration of fashion brand, music, technology and design, hotels are favored by the global Millennium generation of tourists. The hotel has 191 "Lewo" rooms with both technology trends and design aesthetics. It has a high sense of space. It provides keyless check-in system with mobile phone to open the door, walk-in shower room, customized Bliss Spa spa bath products, free high-speed Wi-Fi wireless network and 43-inch LCD TV.



It is worth mentioning that the hotel has seven strategic meeting spaces, equipped with high-tech audio-visual equipment, and provides free high-speed Wi-Fi wireless network. A total of 890 square meters of multi-functional space can meet the needs of business meetings, business activities, banquets and weddings.



The hotel also provides a variety of space options for guests to gather meals and socialize. Jule, the Yale Xuan Brand Restaurant, provides full-time catering services, a rich and delicious buffet breakfast, as well as a single-order lunch and dinner. In addition to the open dining space, the restaurant also has three private rooms, which can accommodate 110 guests. Yale Xuan Energy: Station SM 24 hours delicious without closing, at any time for guests who need to enjoy a simple meal to provide all kinds of health meals and drinks.


酒店标志性的W XYZSM酒吧提供各式鸡尾酒以及小食,也提供如桌球或桌式足球等娱乐设施,宾客亦能在此体验现场音乐的精彩演出。入住宾客还可在全天候开放的充电:站SM健身房舒展身心,在旅途中保持活力。

The hotel's iconic W XYZSM Bar offers cocktails and snacks, as well as entertainment facilities such as billiards or table football, where guests can experience the splendid performance of live music. Residents can also charge all-weather: SM gymnasium to stretch their body and mind, and maintain vitality during the journey.




Shanghai Zizhu Wanyi Hotel


3月1日,万豪国际集团宣布其旗下万怡酒店品牌上海紫竹万怡酒店于盛大开业。上海紫竹万怡酒店坐落于闵行区紫竹国家高新科技产业开发区内, 毗邻全球和国内知名公司,步行10分钟即达闵行滨江湿地公园,经虹梅路高架可轻松前往市中心商业区,50分钟便可抵达浦东国际机场而距虹桥国际机场更是仅需40分钟的车程。

On March 1, Marriott International Group announced the grand opening of its Marriott Shanghai Zizhu Marriott Hotel brand. Located in Zizhu National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Minhang District, Shanghai Zizhu Wanyi Hotel is adjacent to well-known global and domestic companies. It can walk for 10 minutes to reach Minhang Binjiang Wetland Park. It can easily go to downtown business district via Hongmei Road Elevated Road. It can reach Pudong International Airport in 50 minutes and Hongqiao International Airport in 40 minutes.


酒店共拥有 233间时尚雅致的客房及套房,房间设备一应俱全并配备全覆盖高速无线网络、55寸高清电视以及符合人体工程学设计的沙发等。

The hotel has 233 stylish and elegant rooms and suites, all equipped with high-speed wireless network, 55-inch high-definition TV and sofas that are ergonomically designed.



Located on the first floor of the hotel, the full-time Wanyixuan Cafe will provide guests with an open kitchen to cook a variety of global cuisine and local delicacies on the spot, as well as a chef's table and private The lobby lounge has two areas, outdoor and indoor. While guests can enjoy leisure time, they can also taste Chinese and Western tea, aromatic coffee or delicious snacks and wine. It is an ideal place for business negotiations and gatherings of relatives and friends. Marriott Hotels members of platinum and above and administrative guests can also enjoy administrative courtesy in the Executive Lounge.



The hotel is equipped with 820 square meters of meeting and banquet space, including 480 square meters of banquet hall and four multi-functional halls. The site design is flexible, and can be freely divided into different size meeting space according to the different needs of customers. The conference venue is equipped with advanced audio-visual equipment and high-speed wireless broadband access. It is also an ideal choice for holding various business meetings, banquets, private parties and wedding banquets.



Hong Kong Grand Hotel


3月17日,中国第三家瑰丽酒店在香港盛大开业。酒店位于维港文化汇 Victoria Dockside,毗邻梳士巴利花园、香港艺术馆、星光大道和香港太空馆,集艺术、设计和概念零售区为一体。

On March 17, the third magnificent hotel in China opened in Hong Kong. Located in Victoria Dockside, Victoria Dockside, Victoria Dockside is adjacent to the Salisbury Garden, the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Starlight Avenue and the Hong Kong Space Museum. It integrates art, design and concept retail areas.



Hong Kong Grand Hotel is designed by senior designer Ji Yutang's New York-based design firm. The hotel has 322 delicate rooms with an area of 53 square metres and 90 luxury suites with an area of 91 square metres. It is one of the most spacious hotel suites in Hong Kong. The hotel has many private spaces and more than 80% of the rooms can embrace the magnificent view of Victoria Harbour. The room is designed for the mansion and decorated with works of art, which reveals the bright and elegant style of the magnificent hotel everywhere.


酒店还拥有18间最具代表性的套房,57层的The Harbour House和The Garden House都有一千平米,从私人天台即可纵览维多利亚港全景。

The hotel also has 18 most representative suites. The Harbour House and the Garden House on the 57th floor have a 1000 square metre view of Victoria Harbour from their private rooftops.


香港瑰丽酒店拥有8个独具风味的概念餐厅,大部分餐厅设有海景和露天观景台座位,可俯瞰维港海景。酒店供应本土美食的餐厅包括中式茶室Holt’s Café、精选传统粤菜餐厅The Legacy House,以及环境优美的创意鸡尾酒酒吧DarkSide将开门迎客。

Hong Kong Grand Hotel has eight unique concept restaurants, most of which have seascapes and open-air viewing platform seats overlooking Victoria Harbour. The restaurants offering local delicacies include the Chinese teahouse Holt's Caf_, the Legacy House, a selection of traditional Cantonese restaurants, and the beautiful and creative cocktail bar DarkSide.



Asaya is an original concept of comprehensive physical and mental health in Grand Hotel. Hong Kong's Grand Asaya has two exclusive layers of space. It will aim at personalized and customized physical and mental health, supplemented by a wealth of optional physical therapy and ceremonies, physical and other forms of physical and mental healing, and a healthy diet plan. It will be used as a pure real social space, and in the form of membership, to establish a link between local communities and the whole. The common community of Asaya guests.


酒店三楼设有的1,000平方米的无柱大宴会厅;四楼为瑰丽酒店典型活动空间丽府 ,拥有1,000平方米的开阔空间,以及300平方米且有着华丽落地窗的丽府厅。

The third floor of the hotel has a 1,000 square metre pillarless banquet hall; the fourth floor is a typical activity space of the magnificent hotel Lifu, with 1,000 square metres of open space, and 300 square metres of Lifu Hall with gorgeous floor windows.


其中,The Orangery的 118平方米的私享活动空间,设有私人半封闭式露台,可俯瞰花园草坪全景。3,200平方米的极致奢华会议与活动空间置于香港城区内为数不多的私人花园内可坐拥开阔的花园草坪,俯瞰波光粼粼的维多利亚港。

Among them, The Orangery's 118 square meters of private activity space, with a private semi-enclosed balcony, overlooking the garden lawn panorama. 3,200 square metres of luxurious meeting and activity space are located in a few private gardens in the urban area of Hong Kong. The open garden lawn overlooks the sparkling Port of Victoria.



Taipei Grand Ankin Puton Hotel



Intercontinental boutique hotel brand Kimpton appeared in the Asia-Pacific region. The first hotel opened in Taiwan, China, on March 1. The hotel is hidden in the quiet streets and alleys of Taipei East District. The Da'an Hotel in Kimpton is only one block away from shopping malls and MRT stations. With its unique geographical location, the rush of people seems to be close at hand, but it is as quiet as a paradise. All kinds of charming and poetic humanistic cafes, personality boutiques and art galleries are scattered around the hotel. There are only 129 rooms. Intercontinental points are converted to 50,000 cents per night, and the reference price is around 1600 per night.



The guest and suite of Taipei Da'an King Puton Hotel, with exquisite and delicate design, annotates the layered aesthetics of retro and white porcelain, reflecting the transparent patio architecture. Walking into the British modern restaurant on the 12th floor, the subtropical sunshine sprinkles on the spacious outdoor terrace. Apart from relaxing the delicious wine and delicacies, the fascinating view of Taipei City and the skyline-high Taipei 101 give the guests a panoramic view, thoroughly allowing them to experience and tap the charm and pulsation of the old and new Taipei.


首家金普顿快闪酒店集结了纽约Kimpton Eventi Hotel、洛杉矶Kimpton Everly Hotel,以及西好莱坞Kimpton La Peer Hotel的设计元素,分别依序以快闪酒店的大厅、房间、酒吧作为呈现。

The first Kimpton Eventi Hotel in New York, the Kimpton Everly Hotel in Los Angeles, and the Kimpton La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood are presented in sequence as the lobby, room and bar of the hotel.


酒店以仿真入住的形式为每位宾客导览介绍著名的「KIMPTON MOMENT金普顿时刻」酒店服务。宾客还有机会在现场享用金普顿大安酒店——The Tavernist酒吧餐厅首席调酒师以甜点、台湾在地元素作为灵感设计的金普顿特调饮品一杯。

The Hotel introduces the famous "KIMPTON MOMENT Kimpton Moment" hotel service for each guest in the form of a simulated check-in. Guests will also have the opportunity to enjoy a cup of Kimpton's special drink inspired by dessert and local elements of Taiwan at the Tavernist Bar Restaurant, Kimpton Da'an Hotel.




Bhutan Liushan Hotel


3月27日,不丹六善酒店(Six Senses Bhutan)正式开业。酒店坐落于世界最高峰喜马拉雅山脚下、色彩绚烂的不丹,以其国民幸福指数(GNH)闻名世界。不丹六善酒店将贯彻品牌对健康、可持续性和小区的承诺,完美结合该国丰富的文化、热情的款待和独特灵性,为宾客带来非同凡响的体验。

On March 27, the Six Senses Bhutan in Bhutan officially opened. Located at the foot of the world's highest peak, Himalayas, the hotel is well-known in Bhutan for its National Happiness Index (GNH). Bhutan Liushan Hotel will carry out the brand's commitment to health, sustainability and community, perfectly combine the rich culture, warm hospitality and unique spirituality of the country, and bring extraordinary experience to the guests.



Bhutan Liushan Hotel consists of five hotel villas with 82 rooms in the western and central valleys of the Himalayan kingdom. It provides guests with various experience activities, including Sunrise Meditation and comprehensive spa care, consultancy for private astrology and spiritual readings, oil lamp lighting ceremonies and cross-country adventures through primitive forests.



Inspired by traditional and exquisite Bhutanese architectural style, the hotel resort is decorated with simple natural wood furniture and local ethnic decorations, including traditional wood-fired stoves, bukharis and antique Himalayan carpets dyed and repaired with vegetables. All the logs in the suite, even the lampshade of the desk lamp kept the same tone, and the landscape terrace outside the large landing window was full of green shallots. Apart from the suite, there are two to three-bedroom villas. The living room is specially equipped with restaurants, and the space between logs and white walls is an endless valley.




Six Good Hotels in Krabe, Cambodia



The Krabe Six Good Hotel in Cambodia opened in March. It is located on a private island of 30 acres (12 hectares) three miles (five kilometers) away from Yunnan National Park in southern Cambodia. Flights from Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Ho Chi Minh City and Kuala Lumpur can go directly to Sihanouk International Airport. Guests can also travel to the airport by private aircraft or helicopter. It's only a 10-minute drive from the airport to the hotel reception, after which guests will take a speedboat to the island.



There are 40 private swimming pool villas in Liushan Hotel Krabe. The design highlights of the villas include garden roof, balcony, infinite swimming pool and bathroom.


宽敞的六善水疗受柬埔寨高布斯滨河启发,提供一系列整全身理疗、美容疗程及六善养生方案;室内更设有完善的健身室、顶楼瑜伽亭、水晶房、冥想穴以及让宾客以当地材料DIY护肤产品的Alchemy Bar。

Inspired by Cambodia's Gobbs Riverside, the spacious Liushan Spa offers a series of whole body physiotherapy, cosmetic therapy and Liushan health regimens. It also has a perfect gym, top-floor yoga kiosk, crystal room, meditation cave and Alchemy Bar, which allows guests to use DIY skin care products made of local materials.



There are two unique restaurants in Liushan Hotel, Krabe Island. The dishes are cooked with seasonal, high-quality local products and seasonal ingredients. Most of the ingredients are picked from 40,000 square feet (3,700 square meters) of organic farms and vanilla gardens.


招牌餐厅Tree以现代创新演绎传统Khmer美食,添加东南亚风味;餐厅AHA则提供不拘一格的清新菜单,于午市及晚市呈献国际美食;设有舒适沙发和吊床的Sunset Bar,让宾客享受泰国湾中阳光的洒落。

Tree is a modern innovative interpretation of traditional Khmer cuisine, adding Southeast Asian flavor; AHA provides a refreshing menu, offering international cuisine at noon and evening markets; and unset Bar with comfortable sofas and hammocks, allowing guests to enjoy the sunshine in the Bay of Thailand.



The hotel's ice-cream shop will offer more than 15 kinds of free ice-cream to guests every day. Presentation of Cambodian, Southeast Asian and international cuisine. Guests can enjoy delicious snacks and wines at sunset bar or ice cream shop.




W Hotel, Palm Island, Dubai


近日,迪拜棕榈岛W酒店正式开业。酒店将沙丘和海岸线有机、自然的曲线与堪称奇迹的城市摩天大楼几何线条无缝衔接,融为一体。品牌标志性的 “W”符号设计仿佛河流不断蒸发后显露而出的沙漠河床,而WHEELS代客泊车区域则让人联想到一个覆盖着棕榈叶的洞穴状河床。踏入酒店,宾客可欣赏到令人目眩神迷的Orsoni玻璃瓷砖,其色彩灵感源自地平线上金色阳光映照下的簇生树叶。

Recently, Dubai Palm Island W Hotel officially opened. The Hotel seamlessly integrates the organic and natural curves of sand dunes and coastlines with the geometric lines of miraculous urban skyscrapers. The brand's iconic "W" symbol design is like a desert river bed emerging from the evaporation of rivers, while the WHEELS passenger parking area is reminiscent of a cavernous river bed covered with palm leaves. Entering the hotel, guests can enjoy the dazzling Orsoni glass tiles, whose color is inspired by clusters of leaves in the golden sunlight on the horizon.


迎宾前台位于令人惊叹的五层中庭,其设计以致敬历史悠久的沙漠堡垒和城堡。闪闪发光的金色桁架由框架箱组成,展现了迪拜现代建筑发展的不同阶段,同时也折射出在迪拜常常可见的千变万化的城市景观,倘若坐在描绘周围岛屿水域的地毯上,依稀可见建筑和云层的倒影。酒店入口处,重6.5吨,长30米的视觉矢量“声波”引人入胜。由640片玻璃组合而成的吊灯亮度和颜色不断闪烁变幻,与邻近的W Lounge里DJ的节拍交相呼应,俨然一件美轮美奂的艺术品。

The reception desk is situated in an amazing five-storey atrium designed to honor historic desert fortresses and castles. The glittering golden truss is made up of frame boxes, which show the different stages of modern architecture development in Dubai. It also reflects the ever-changing urban landscape that is often seen in Dubai. If you sit on the carpet depicting the waters of the surrounding islands, you can see the reflection of buildings and clouds. At the entrance of the hotel, weighing 6.5 tons, the 30-meter-long visual vector "sound wave" is fascinating. The brightness and color of the pendant lamp, which is composed of 640 pieces of glass, are constantly flickering and changing. It echoes the rhythm of DJ in the adjacent W Lounge. It is a beautiful work of art.


酒店潮堂是一个兼具观赏和展示功能的舞台,根据黄金原始和自然形态设计的几何装置诠释了这座城市对富裕生活的不懈追求。潮堂的中央是对传统火炉的艺术呈现,描绘了旧时贝多因部落在沙漠徒步中围坐在篝火旁取暖的景象。连接W Lounge与VIP Lounge的是一张长13.5米的沙发,柔和的大地色调,代表着荒凉的山脉,它们是古老时代的摩天大楼。

The Hotel chaotic hall is a stage with both ornamental and display functions. Geometric devices designed according to the primitive and natural form of gold annotate the city's unremitting pursuit of affluent life. In the middle of the Chaochang is an artistic presentation of the traditional stove, depicting the old Bedouin tribe sitting around a campfire to warm up on foot in the desert. Connecting W Lounge and VIP Lounge is a 13.5 metre long sofa, soft earth tone, representing the desolate mountains, they are ancient skyscrapers.



350 rooms and suites are equipped with fantastic room facilities, and have an open view. The intricate curved tiles on the walls, like the brightness and color of the sea at different times of the day, lead the coastline into the room. The walls of each room are painted with modern graffiti, presenting a symbolic Arabic song from Lebanese singer Feruz.


W品牌标志性的AWAY®水疗中心设有10间护理室,配备蒸汽浴室,桑拿浴室,体验式淋浴,土耳其浴室以及情侣套间,为宾客提供“漫步而来,昂首而去”的体验。酒店集休闲、社交及超现实主义于一身,宾客可在美容会所补充活力、重焕光彩。 FIT健身房的设计灵感来自于水母和冒险者降落伞的优美艺术造型,这里不仅配有先进的健身器材,还可饱览露天池畔、海滩和天际线美景,健身爱好者可在此释放压力,放松身心。

W brand AWAY #Spa has 10 nursing rooms, equipped with steam bath, sauna bathroom, experiential shower, Turkish bathroom and couple suite, providing guests with the experience of "walking and walking away". The Hotel integrates leisure, social interaction and surrealism. Guests can add vitality and glory to the beauty club. The design of FIT gymnasium is inspired by the beautiful artistic shape of jellyfish and adventurer's parachute. It not only has advanced fitness equipment, but also enjoys the beautiful scenery of open-air pool, beach and skyline. Fitness enthusiasts can release pressure and relax their body and mind.




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广东忠创智造科技有限公司是一家设计开发、制造、销售、现场安装服务于一体的金属整体解决方案公司。本公司工厂占地面积约5000平方米,拥有电脑辅助软件,先进的机械设备、把产品、工艺性能设计、切割、焊接、成型等服务制造出高档金属制品。通过分解和制造过程中与专业团队的合作,我们为客户提供了更好的产品体验、完整的服务体系和最佳的解决方案。我们与世界顶尖的设计公司HBA、CCD & UAP 以及世界著名的酒店,(威斯汀、喜来登、希尔顿 & 四季)的长期合作。
Guangdong Zhongchuang Intellectually manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd.is a metal solution company which integrates design, development, manufacturing, sales, on-site installation and service. The company's factory covers an area of about 5000 square meters, with computer-aided software, advanced mechanical equipment, product, process performance design, cutting, welding, forming and other services to produce high-grade metal products. Through the cooperation with professional teams in the process of decomposition and manufacturing, we provide customers with better product experience, complete service system and the best solution. We work with the world's top design companies HBA, CCD & UAP and world-famous hotels (Westin, Sheraton, Hilton & Four Seasons)Long term cooperation.




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Guangdong Zhongchuang Intellectually manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Tel:0757-83137017 82718158 28837249

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